Should you buy a 2020 Ford or newer Super Duty?

In this article, we’re going to share with you five reasons why you probably shouldn’t buy this truck, according to Alex, the owner of the Tow Piglet YouTube channel. Let’s get right into it:

1. The CP4 Fuel-Injection Pump

“The CP4 is so unreliable and it often fails. Many people have commented about this problem. And they said the repair is usually $8,000-10,000. Sometimes it’s covered under warranty but sometimes it’s not. So just imagine going to buy a 2020 truck. You’re excited. You’re like, “Oh man this is awesome! The 10-speed is great.” And it falls apart on you. So don’t get a truck with a CP4. Probably all the 2020s have them, including the 2020 Ford Super Duty. So don’t buy it.”

2. The 10-Speed

“I had a 2020 Ford F350 and it had the 10-speed. I got that truck to 75,000 miles. I did a 75,000-mile review and that truck actually did okay. But right around 50-60,000 miles, the transmission started to… There was a knock like when you shift into D and you start driving. Instead of nice, normal, clean shifts where it goes through the gears… it’s almost like somebody was hitting your transmission with a hammer. That’s kind of what it felt like…”

“The next truck was a Ford F350 2020 as well. That one I got to 80,000 miles. Same thing. It was a little weird that the transmission right around 50-60,000 started to shift a little bit harder. Same exact thing… the transmission was getting bad. And it’s at 63,000. It feels like somebody is punching you in the drivetrain. That’s what it feels like.”

“So the transmission of this 10-speed is highly prone to failure. There are messages from people saying that their transmission just failed. And it costs like $7-8,000 for a new transmission. So avoid the 2020s because of that transmission.”

3. The Engine Brake

“The engine brake is borderline unsafe. If you’re going to tow with the Ford, the engine brake is unusable as there is no stopping resistance. Now imagine your car is actually pulling the weight four times itself that downshifting doesn’t work very well. If you’re gonna do any day-to-day towing, this 2020 Ford is so scary on the engine brake. You’re going down a hill. It’s revving to the red line at 3,000-4,000. It’s just revving all the way up. It is really unsafe and it’s just not slowing you down. You’re always riding the brakes. It’s just there’s no way around it if you’re towing. You’re going downhill.”

4. The Headlights

“It’s this dual-pattern, both lights on. This is so frustrating to deal with. If you’re using a product that advertises to other people that you’re incompetent, stop using that product. What Ford is doing is they’re making their owners look incompetent. When you hook up a trailer, the truck squats a little bit, the beams point up. Now you’re blinding all the people. Now you’re not going to be screwing up the lights and aiming them down every time you get a load or don’t get a load. Because if you turn them down, then when you’re unloaded, then they’re going to be pointing too low. So you can’t be adjusting the lights all the time. And so what happens is you’re blinding all the people and all the people keep flashing at you — flashing their high beams. And what do you do? Just sit there and take it because you’re using an incompetently designed product.”

“Ask yourself this when you’re driving down the roads in America and you see somebody with high beams. Do you think, “That’s a smart person” or “Oh, he’s just driving a Ford?” No. They tend to think the opposite. That’s why this can be an absolute deal-breaker.”

5. The Seats

“These seats are terrible… Look how thin this is… This is not a good seat. I sit here all the time and I’m telling you the Mega Long and the other RAMs, the seats are much better. These seats are just not good and obviously the seat is a minor thing…”

“Both of those seats are just really bad. So if you’re gonna get an entry-level truck or like a work truck, keep in mind, the seats are really not that comfortable. The full-foam is not that good. I constantly get aches in my bottom, in my back, because of those seats. I do not have the same problem in my RAM… If I’m sitting in this truck every day holding the steering wheel for 10 hours a day I need to be comfortable. Give me a better foam… When I got the Ford, a bunch of people… said, “Hey, those seats aren’t comfortable, so get used to it.”

The Bottom Line

“I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer about Ford, but these five reasons are deal-breakers for the 2020 Ford Super Duty. Obviously, it’s just my opinion, but if you’re going to drive this, I’m telling you, it’s going to bother you when that CP4 fails, when that transmission fails, when you get flashed with high beams, or when you’re going down the hill towing your RV and it doesn’t slow you down.”