What city has the worst traffic?

Did you know that an American driver wastes an average of 97 hours every year due to traffic congestion, costing them all a total of $87 billion in 2018, or $1,348 per driver? (Source: INRIX)

Our shippers and customers are counting on us to be on time. Perhaps nothing is as frustrating as driving through a city with horrendous traffic. Below we have listed U.S. cities and roads with the worst traffic (ranked by hours wasted). Let us try to avoid them, especially during rush hour.

10 Worst Traffic Cities in the United States

1.) Boston, MA – 164 Hours Lost in Congestion

2.) Washington, DC – 155 Hours Lost in Congestion

3.) Chicago, IL – 138 Hours Lost in Congestion

4.) New York City, NY – 133 Hours Lost in Congestion

5.) Los Angeles, CA – 128 Hours Lost in Congestion

6.) Seattle, WA – 138 Hours Lost in Congestion

7.) Pittsburgh, PA – 127 Hours Lost in Congestion

8.) San Francisco, CA – 116 Hours Lost in Congestion

9.) Philadelphia, PA – 112 Hours Lost in Congestion

10.) Portland, OR – 116 Hours Lost in Congestion

Wichita, KS had the lowest traffic congestion among the U.S. cities studied.

10 Worst Traffic Roads in the United States

The list of roads below is dominated by the Top 5 most congested cities, accounting for nine of the ten worst. But you’d notice that Washington DC, number two in the most congested cities list above, doesn’t have any roads that appear on this list. Why is that? Despite high levels of congestion, traffic is diffused across the area and is concentrated on major arterials.

1.) New York City — Cross Bronx Expressway (I-95) — 114 wasted hours per year

2.) Chicago — I-94, I-90 — 102 wasted hours per year

3.) Chicago — I-290 (Eisenhower Expressway) — 93 wasted hours per year

4.) Los Angeles — I-10 — 74 wasted hours per year

5.) Pittsburgh — I-376 — 72 wasted hours per year

6.) Philadelphia — I-76 — 53 wasted hours per year

7.) Boston — I-93 — 53 wasted hours per year

8.) New York City — I-278 (Brooklyn Queens Expressway) — 51 wasted hours per year

9.) Los Angeles — I-5 — 50 wasted hours per year

10.) New York City — I-87 (Major Deegan Expressway) — 49 wasted hours per year

Source: INRIX 2018 Global Traffic Scorecard

4 Ways to Cope With Traffic Congestion

1. Ask others. Using a CB radio or a cell phone, try to communicate with dispatchers or other truckers. They could direct or guide you to an alternate route that’s less congested.

2. Be patient. Yes, we know it’s easier said than done. But acting like a frustrated child, flipping the bird, or honking your horn will not make the traffic move any faster. Instead, listen to something educational like an audiobook so you would still be using your time productively.

3. Download navigational apps. Try to install Google Maps or Waze on your smartphone so that you can see which routes are less congested.

4. Plan your drive. Drive through major cities early in the morning, at midday, or late at night. But do you best to avoid driving through cities during rush hour, when people are hurrying to work or rushing home from work. By strategically planning your drive through those cities, you’ll be saving yourself a lot of time and frustration.

Do you have other helpful tips for truckers who don’t want to be stuck in traffic? Let us know in the comments below.