A truck dash cam can be a real lifesaver.

In hotshot trucking, we sometimes bump into unexpected circumstances.

Thankfully, in this age of technology today, we have a lot of high-tech equipment that can help us do our work. One of these helpful pieces of equipment are dashcams (dashboard cameras).

Dashcams are popular with motorists, including hotshot truckers. Though its primary use is to record details, there are other benefits to dashcam usage. 

Here is a list of the top five ways a dashcam can be an asset to anyone in the hotshot business:

1. A Truck Dash Cam Can Capture Unpreventable Accidents

This point is the big reason why hotshot truckers get a dashcam.

This essential, must-have paraphernalia can record a series of unfortunate happenings. It can also give the most substantial piece of evidence.

It may be able to help prove one is innocent and can prevent the offending party from turning the case around.

But, dashcam videos can also sing like a canary against the driver, especially when the driver is at fault.

2. A Dashcam Can Help Prevent Insurance Fraud

Dashcams are a friend to hotshot truckers when it comes to exposing frauds from claiming insurance.

One of the most common scams today is insurance fraud.

A driver with malicious intent can purposely cause an accident. Then he or she will blame the other party to claim damages. Or the scammer can fake an injury for insurance money.

These “con drivers” could get away with their misdeeds, and along with them are the monies they’ve gotten unethically from the other party and their insurance company.

But with a dashcam, these things can be avoided. It may also stop the fraudster from performing this type of stunt again.

3. A Truck Dash Cam Can Record Incidents While You’re Away

When hotshot truckers sleep or are away from their truck, dashcams can be their “watchful eye.”

Most dash cameras nowadays can be set to record moments, even when the engine is off. In this way, you can record incidents even while you are away.

Dashcams are also useful when you park your truck out on the street overnight. It catches anyone who tries to break in or vandalize your hotshot vehicle.

4. Dashcams Can Record Videos That Are Useful For Training and Coaching

If you are a hotshot trucker who has a YouTube channel as a sideline (or even if you’re thinking of going on YouTube), dashcams are a big help to your vlogging career. These types of apparatus can help you record your content that you’d like to share.

But for the most part, this device is helpful for mentors and managers. These can help them in training fledgling hotshot truckers without having to be with them 24/7.

The dashcam videos help mentors and managers see how their drivers are faring on the road. These videos can help point out the errors, as well as the things the newbie drivers did on point.

5. A Truck Dash Cam Can Record Acts From Undisciplined or Abusive Drivers

Sometimes, you might encounter reckless drivers during your hotshot trucking delivery.

Reporting such drivers is always a good idea. But, when you do report, backing up your accusation with evidence is a wise move. Have this piece of evidence ready by purchasing a reliable dashcam. It is easier to prove that a motorist is driving carelessly if there is video footage than none.

The Bottom Line

For a safe trip, be a proactive hotshot trucker. We don’t know what things may happen on the road. Sometimes, disasters happen in the most unexpected time and place. It is best to take measures to ensure your safety, as well as that of others and your truck as well.