Just what are the benefits of hotshot trucking?

Lately, there has been quite a bit of negativity surrounding hotshot trucking.

The aim of this blog post is to paint a complete picture by explaining some of the positives of hotshot trucking according to the experience of one of the most successful hotshotters around. His name is Alex and he runs a top-ranking hotshot trucking channel on YouTube, Tow Piglet. Alex has been in this business for four years now and he has racked up over 600,000 miles.

So what are some of the great things about having and running a hotshot trucking business?

1. You are self-employed.

That means you don’t have a boss. Occasionally, what happens is the person that gets the promotion isn’t necessarily the person who deserves the promotion. That means you can sometimes have a boss micromanaging you who doesn’t really deserve to be there. Perhaps you hate that. If you’re self-employed, that will never happen to you because you are the boss.

2. The harder you work, the more you get paid.

In this job, the more time you spend out on the road — the more time you spend calling brokers and negotiating loads — the more you will make. This business is very simple. You put the work in, and you will get paid for it. So if you’re a hard-working individual — if that really suits you and you like the idea of it — being paid well is definitely one of the positive things about the job.

That doesn’t mean you’re going to get rich, or that you’re going to be a millionaire. But the money is decent in this business. Of course, what’s decent for one person may not be decent for another. Just keep that in mind if you’re thinking about getting into this business. However, if your goal is to make at least the median household income in the US, that’s very achievable.

3. You can start earning money right away.

If you have a pickup truck and a gooseneck trailer, and you get all your paperwork and your numbers — if you have all your ducks in a row — then you could absolutely pop open the load board and start booking yourself loads to haul and start generating revenue right away. That is definitely a huge advantage and benefit in this business.

4. You can learn while you earn.

While you’re driving, you can listen to podcasts or you can listen to videos in the background. There’s so much information to be consumed out there. Perhaps when you start, your knowledge may just be limited to what you’ve learned in school. But after listening, you can get a basic understanding of the economy, of operating a business, wealth creation, data privacy, security, and politics. You can listen to and consume all this information while you’re on the road. That’s definitely a benefit that’s priceless because long-term you’ve no idea how this can improve your life. That is probably one of the best benefits.


Is hotshot trucking the perfect job? Absolutely not. Is it going to have challenges — are you going to have to work hard? Most definitely. Are there some good things about the job? Absolutely. There are many things both truckers and owner-operators like about the job.

We’re not trying to paint you this sunny, rainbow-like type of business. There are many challenges and sacrifices you will have to make. But these are some of the real benefits.

Please leave a comment below: Are you a hotshot? What do you like about the job?