The Gatormade Hydraulic Dovetail Gooseneck Elite Series Trailer is among the best trailers for hotshotting this 2019. This heavy-duty trailer has many notable features that provide hotshotters with great advantage.

Touchless Dovetail

This trailer’s hydraulic dovetail section gives great convenience to its users. It doesn’t need complex locks, latches, cranks, or bars to use. It only entails a simple push of a button to make it rise or go down. The 10-ft no-touch dovetail also has a durable, slip-resist rubber floor loading area.

When lowering the trailer’s loading ramp, users rave about its elevation. It is not as steep as compared to other brands. It is rightly poised at an angle that even the lowest vehicle won’t damage its front lip.

Low-Profile Flatbed

This Gatormade trailer’s flatbed is made up of first-rate Southern Yellow Pine pressure treated flooring. This deck’s design makes the trailer even more sturdy, tough enough to deal with almost all types of cargo.

Two 25k Dual-Speed Jacks 

A pair of 25,000-pound, heavy-duty, dual-speed, spring-loaded jacks are also bolted onto this trailer. These jacks give added support to the trailer whenever it and the towing vehicle are detached.

The trailer comes with manual speed jacks out from the factory. However, Gatormade offers to upgrade it into a BIGFOOT Hydraulic Jack System. It turns the manual jack into a hydraulic jack system.

Anti-Flex System

The Anti-Flex System keeps this gooseneck trailer durable and tenacious. This feature helps lessen frame-flex issues and contributes to the trailer’s overall durability.

The anti-flex system of this trailer includes a 14-in I-beam. It comes with an excellently welded, pierced frame.

Together with the I-beam is their 5″ flange. The flange, coupled with the safety trusses, gives more structural density to the trailer. The flange-safety trusses combo is also helpful with heavy loads. This duo helps distribute a heavy cargo’s weight all over the trailer.

Another part of the anti-flex system is the 6-inch diameter torque tube. The torque tube makes the trailer stable and steady. Even with or without bulky loads, the torque tube keeps the trailer from swaying and helps it stay on the road.

This powerful system is what gives the Hydraulic Dovetail Gooseneck Elite Series Trailer strength, stability, and durability. With this, the trailer can withstand even the severest strains and heftiest loads.

HDSS Suspension + Drum Dexter Axles

This gooseneck trailer with hydraulic dovetail has the heavy-duty adjustable suspensions (HDSS) running side by side with the Dexter Oil Bath Axles. Together, they are dubbed to be the “ultimate running gear package.”

The HDSS and the 10000-pound dexter axles make a reliable system. It works hand in hand with the Hydraulic Dovetail Gooseneck Elite Series Trailer’s anti-flex system.

LED Lights and Reflective Tape

This Gatormade trailer comes with LED for all its lighting, as well as reflective tapes, to ensure that the trailer is well-illuminated, especially at dark.  These features are DOT-accepted.

Preformed Wire Harness

The Hydraulic Dovetail Gooseneck Elite Series Trailer’s reliable operations are due to its preformed wire harness.  This wiring harness makes the trailer plug functional and flexible, even under the worst weather. The harness ensures your trailer will run at its 100% best whether it is super cold or super hot.

Safety Features

This trailer comes with various safety features designed for the user’s protection.

One of these features is the safety grab handles. These handles are well-engineered, both in its design and placement. It provides users an easy reach and is also located on strategic places that would allow anyone to get on and off safely and effortlessly.

Another of these safety features Gatormade boasts about is this gooseneck trailer’s diamond plated steps.  Each texturized step keeps the user’s foot from slipping while going up and down the trailer. The steps are designed for extra safety, no matter the weather conditions.

Also included in its safety features is the complete breakaway kit. It is DOT compliant and legal in Canada and all US states.

This kit is an essential feature to have for extra precaution. Sometimes the towing vehicle and the trailer might get disconnected. Once that happens, this kit will automatically bring the trailer to a careful halt.  The breakaway package is usable anytime and comes in with a rechargeable battery and its charger.

16″ 10-Ply Radial Tires

The Gooseneck Trailer with Hydraulic Dovetail uses 16″ 10-ply radial tires mounted on silver tire rims. These tires give off a smoother, more stable performance on the road, which leads to better fuel efficiency and improved mileage for the hotshot truck. Also good to note is that this trailer comes with a mounted spare tire in case the need arises.

Gatormade also offers upgrades for these tires into 17.5″ 16-ply commercial tires. The deep tread commercial tires can provide a much longer mileage than most conventional tires.

Durable Powder Coat Finish

Each Gatormade trailer, including this featured trailer, brags a Gator-Tuff powder coating finish. The powder coat keeps the trailer away from corrosion and abrasion. Not only that, but powder coating also maintains your trailer’s finish for a long time.

Part Of Elite Series 

The Hydraulic Dovetail Gooseneck trailer is one of Gatormade’s Elite Series Trailers. Every Elite Series Trailer comes with all-LED lighting; a standard mounted toolbox, fire extinguisher, and a mounted spare.

Factory Direct Sales

Get the Hydraulic Dovetail Gooseneck Elite Series trailer at a low, factory price. Order it now from Gatormade and pick them up from any factory direct stations nearest you at no extra charge.

You may get your trailer at Somerset, Kentucky (Gatormade’s main factory); Nicholasville, Kentucky; Ruffs Dale, Pennsylvania; Mt. Orab, Ohio; Salisbury, North Carolina; Marietta, Georgia; Byhalia, Mississippi; and Ocala, Florida.

Editor’s Rating: 9.5/10

The Hydraulic Dovetail Gooseneck Elite Series trailer will be an asset to your hotshot trucking business. It is among the top trailers for 2019 and with good reasons. With this trailer, you get quality material and artistry at the best value. Many in the industry buy and trust this trailer because of its superior safety features.

The downside for this trailer, however, is that the servicing is done only in Gatormade’s primary factory location. Based on where you are, you may have to drive miles to get your trailer repaired.

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