Summer is here.

The blazing sun and other extreme weather conditions are out to get hotshot truckers.

Don’t let the extreme weather conditions throw you out of your A-game. Here are some top tips for hotshot truckers to make the summer travel a lot easier:

1. Plan Alternate Routes

Most people would pack up their cars and trailers to go to their summer destinations.

To prevent any delays, it is best to avoid lanes packed with holiday-going vehicles.

Rerouting your travel away from tourist travelers and hotspots is a great idea.

Not only can it lessen your delivery time, but it will also keep you away from the stress that traffic congestion brings.

2. Get a Dependable Weather App

Summer can be unpredictable because with it comes extreme weather conditions.

With this in mind, it is wise to bring along with you a weather app that you can rely on. Set up your preferred weather app to notify you in case the weather conditions change. In this way, you have time to get ready and move out of the way if you have to.

Along with the mobile app, bring some supplies as well, just in case. Don’t let harsh weather impede your hotshotting. Be prepared.

3. Double Check Your Routes

Apart from the harsh weather, summer also brings major construction work. For this reason, hotshot truckers have to be ready for traffic jams and road closures.

Also, watch out for road signs as well as your speed to avoid any infractions on your part.

4. Apply a Little Sunscreen

Adequate sunshine gives health benefits. But getting too much harsh sunlight can be harmful to your health, especially during the summer. The skin’s exposure to the sun during summer may have a higher risk of burning due to the sun’s UV rays.

The sun’s powerful UV rays can pass through your hotshot truck’s windows, even when the sky is cloudy. That is why it’s a good idea to put some sunscreen every day, especially before tackling your hotshot trucking goals of the day. It will do your skin some good.

5. Stay Hydrated

Getting enough water to drink should be your top priority when battling the heat in the summer. Not only will this help you cool down, but it also keeps your muscles working efficiently.

When your muscles are working at 100% efficiency, you have more focus, more drive, and more alertness when driving. You’ll feel like you’re the hotshot king of the highway.

The Bottom Line

As hotshot truckers, it is our responsibility to be aware of our safety and surroundings. When we apply these tips, we can conquer summer hotshot trucking troubles.

Have an enjoyable time delivering your loads!